Zenkai by EH

Zenkai was created in 2003 in Montevideo, Uruguay, as a company devoted to the design and manufacture of wood furniture, and its combination with other materials (leather, steel, glass…), due to the demand of custom designed furniture by my clients, which the market of the time did not satisfy.

It is in this scenario where I decided to develop this company, in parallel with my architectural practice, to be able to explore and experiment on the characteristics of the materials available and which enabled me to really control the design of each piece of furniture as well as it’s perfect fit in the space it would occupy. It was a new and thrilling challenge which I faced with great energy, seeking the best possible results in my passion and interest for the design and development of every single piece.

Being able to control both the design and the production also enabled me to meet my clients’ deadlines and needs while optimizing the designed spaces in the set schedule.

As an architect, being able to confront each material in its essence, and to understand how it reacts and develops to maximize its possibilities, magnifies the quality of the final product, and therefore the client’s satisfaction, which is always my main goal.

This enriching experience has provided me with the great capacity of understanding design in very different scales, from the great architectural spaces to the little details which really make the difference. I have also developed the ability of great resolution, which I use in the development of the spaces I design, not being constrained by the current design market options, but thinking outside the box, with a more open view, seeking to maximize and enhance the possibilities of every single space.