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  • Terrain Surface: 34.400 sq.ft. (3.200 M2)
  • Built Surface: 4.306 sq.ft. (400 M2)
  • COMPLETION:  2008


This house, completed in 2008, is located next to Punta del Este: an international recognized coastal resort. A lovely setting on José Ignacio Lagoon overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Based on this privileged location the architectural intent pursues the projection of the interior spaces into the exterior, achieved through a fully glazed façade, which opens the house to this amazing scenery. This is emphasized by a reflection pool across the entire length of this façade, which overflows freely towards the lake, diluting the boundaries between built and nature.

As a contrast to this openness a large solid concrete wall creates the necessary privacy from the high traffic route which provides access to the site. It is this wall which houses  the access and also frames the ocean views through strategically located openings.

Once crossed the main access a bamboo barrier prevents total display on the inside space to prepare the visitor to what is to come. It is beyond this virtual wall that the visitor is greeted by a large open space which surprises you with a spectacular view of the lagoon and its natural environment.

The spatial conception of the house is based on the fluidity and integration of space. The double-height living room is the great protagonist integrating all spaces both visually and physically into the lagoon.

This total integration with nature was also taken into account when choosing the finishing materials, which were brought intentionally from Indonesia. The bathrooms and swimming pool tiles are made of natural stone, as well as the hand sink and sculptures was carved sculptures from Indonesian artisans.

Despite the volume of the construction we have achieved great harmony with the environment by the use of native plants which surround the house and guide the visitor to a house which enhances the beauty of its impressive emplacement.

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