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EH Architect

An international firm focused on quality Architecture.

Our portfolio is varied and ranges from private homes to housing complexes, offices to commercial buildings, interior design and new construction to renovation projects, for clients all over the world. Our knowledge and experience enable us to develop high-end solutions for the different challenges every project offers.

We believe every space has its own specific design, driven by the site, location, function, program and client’s needs. All of these ingredients are what we work with when designing a project. Our firm focuses on a complete study of each aspect in the project to empower the value of each space.

We believe in a functional and studied design, always keeping in the thought process the client’s requirements and needs, from the first design intentions to the executed and finalized project. We believe in making a difference for every client, the difference between living in a house, or living in your home, between going to a working space or working in your office, between eating at a restaurant, or making it a full experience based on the food, the location, the atmosphere…

We are focused on our client’s needs as well as on the way each client lives and interacts in a space so that the final product is a reflection of the client’s own identity, and a place to be proud of calling my home / my office / my business.

We give great importance to achieving our client’s expectations and helping build their dreams and fulfill their architectural needs.

Our goal is a finished project of the highest quality.

Our priority is complying with the project’s deadlines, as well as designing and planning executive projects that provide functionality, comfort and an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

What EH Architect does

Interior design

New Construction



Although born in New York City, Evelyn grew up in Uruguay, where Architecture and Design became early passions in her life.

In 2001 she graduated from the architecture program at Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay, and earned an academic trip around the world for ten months, visiting and studying the most spectacular buildings and designs. This was a crucial experience in her architectural development.

Shortly after that trip she started working mainly on commercial and residential projects, and in 2003 she jumped into starting her own company devoted to the design and manufacture of wood furniture (Zenkai), combining this with architectural commissions. As the company grew so did the range of renovation and enlargement projects for both residential and commercial spaces.

The experience gained while developing her company was essential in her way of understanding architecture, design and detail, from a smaller and more accurate scale, gaining great resolution capability and the ability of maximizing the potential of the architectural and design challenges she faces.

In 2007 she completed several new construction projects.  Of special mention, the private houses in world-renowned Punta del Este, Uruguay, a place where she maintains work and personal ties.

Currently her career has a new place of inspiration: New York, where she continues to develop Architecture and Interior Design projects both residential and commercial. Worth mentioning the renovation and interior design of an office in the Trump Tower in Wall Street, and another office in Times Square for an internationally recognized celebrity.

Her work continues to expand worldwide, with projects in countries such as Italy, Uruguay, US and Mexico, always focused on a high quality and functional architecture that maximizes the potential of a space and its uniqueness.